Photography has been an important vocational and avocational focus for many years, and I enjoy sharing the world and my experiences.

I started as a newspaper and magazine photographer, working with great people and developing an intentionally photojournalistic style. My goal is to offer images with an intensity that makes you smell and hear what’s happening. I continue to improve my craft and I’m perennially grateful for the many who share their greater wisdom and skills. (Yes, that applies to much more than photography!)

For a while, I focused on aviation and motorsports photography – hence the website name. Now, I’m eagerly expanding my repertoire and enjoy creating and sharing all manner of imagery. I’m passionate about travel, history, anthropology, machinery, other cultures, and more, and love sharing these interests through photography.

I live just outside Boulder, Colorado, USA and travel as much as possible. I hope you’ll enjoy these images, and sincerely invite you to connect with me.

-- Geremy Kornreich
[email protected]